Saying that you are a Christian and actually being a Christian are two different things. In the first message in the new series on the parables of Jesus, we are given a visual of a life built on Christ and a life that is not. Storms will come, so what foundation are you on?


When you are left holding the broken shell of your life and all of its messiness and disappointments, do you believe that God is still over every part of it? Scripture tells us that all things are held together by Him and that His throne is firmly established, with no threat toward it at any given time whatsoever.  Never, not even close.  Is that always easy to accept?  No.  This gets challenged all the time.  In our story today, we see an underlying need to be settled with God.  In the questions that are asked of Joseph, we get a look at the working of the human heart and how full of anxiety, doubt, and fear it really can be.

"Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave?" A question asked famously by Francis Scott Key over 200 years ago that is recognized by most people today. Why? It is because of something we call legacy -- things passed down to the next generation. We want to remember all that has happened to establish us as a free nation.  As we near the end of Genesis and the life of Joseph, we see the end of Jacob's life and his passing on of faith to his children that establishes their freedom from sin and a purposeless life.

All of us have an opportunity to view life through a different set of eyes for living legacy because our life has a purpose.

Have you ever felt like giving up? Maybe you aren't there yet, but you are one phone call, one comment, or one bad day away from life unraveling on you. This is brokenness and it is everywhere. All of us experience brokenness is our lives. The question is: what will you do with it? You will find greater purpose in your brokenness when it is God centered. You are not here to simply survive.  You were made to thrive.