In the Christian faith we talk a lot about trust because it is the foundation of our faith. We trust in Jesus and not in our self because we are prone to make mistakes, where He is perfect. And we trust in Him because He demonstrated to us the love of God. He didn't just sit in a lofty place and tell us what to do; He actually got His hands dirty and did it. We don't see everything, but we do see Jesus. Will you trust Him?


Drifting. It is nice when you are floating down a river, but perilous when it happens in your life. We are warned in Hebrews 2 to pay attention to Jesus Christ so that we do not drift because drifting is perilous to us.

There is nothing greater than Jesus Christ. We know that. The challenge is in getting that information from our mind to our heart. In the rest of chapter 1, the writer of Hebrews talks about how the angels are sometimes worshiped because the view of Jesus Christ is once again cloudy. For us it might not be the worship of angels, but what is it? What has been elevated over Christ in your life?

Have you ever been at an event where someone sat in front of you blocking your view? Life is full of moments when our view is blocked. This makes us think and behave incorrectly. This changes when we get a better view of Jesus Christ.  This first week in the series of Hebrews will help us reset our view on Christ.