What is your current spiritual condition? With all the things that we talk about, this one is the most important. Why? Because the Bible only gives us two options: you are either spiritually dead or spiritually alive. The Bible tells us what it means to be alive in Christ and why this is so amazing! This is the conclusion to the “But God” series that we have been in over the summer.


Guest speaker Paul Veit shares about how much of what evolutionary science is based on is deliberate deception. This is material that will soon be released with more detail in a DVD with the same title.

Evolution vs. Creation: Human Focus

If you have ever had your plans interrupted by God, be thankful! That is His grace. In fact, God puts up roadblocks on our paths often to call us back to Him and prevent disaster. The people of Israel in Amos's time were pretending to be followers of God while living completely different lives. But God is just and sees all of it. He isn't fooled by their insincere worship. The question that this leads us to then is this: are you ready to meet God? The only way you are is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.