Life doesn't always go as we plan. In fact, we often experience significant disappointment with the way things have gone. In the story of Ruth we find a woman named Naomi who feels bitter about how things have gone. Our encouragement is that when everything appears to be over, we must keep looking to God.


Life doesn't always go as planned. We sometimes feel like we can't get a break. The book of Ruth is a story that comes out of a dark time. But what we find is that God is there and at work. God is at work in your mess also.

There are opportunities to serve others each day of our lives. Yet, so many times we miss those because we are blind to what God is doing. The good news is that God desires for us to be focused on the right things so that the good news message of Jesus Christ can be shared. May our eyes be opened to His work!

The Gospel must be preached to all people and at all times. This means that each person must be willing to be available to be used by God. How will you reach out?