A life of faith is a life of dependence on God. Are you diligent in seeking Him? Does your life reflect the faith that you say you have in God? These are important questions as we look at Hebrews 11.


Why do we bother to be in church on Sunday? Does it really make a difference? Is it really worth the effort? Jesus calls us into a deeper life with Him; a life that is full of faith, unswerving in hope, and lived out in community with other believers. The church is not an activity that we add to life when it fits, but rather it is something we arrange our life to be a part of. This helps us go deeper in Christ and not waver.

For hundreds of years God's people tried to do whatever they could to get right with him. Their efforts were incomplete. Jesus Christ entered the scene and did something that we could never have done on our own: saved us from our sin and cleansed us from the guilt we carry. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are missing out on the work He has done for you!

We had the privilege of having guest speaker, Steve Hammer, with us this Sunday.