Christmas is a joyful time for many people. There are, however, those who find themselves in a dark place this time of year. The hope we have is that Jesus Christ overcomes darkness. He does that in your life and in the world!

Christmas is a time when we must go back o the manger and worship Jesus Christ. There is no king like Him. Even before He was born; He was there! What an amazing act of love and humility on display for us. Will you open the gift Jesus offers you?

Much of life is spent trying to be someone else. The clothes we buy, the cars we drive, and the way we live, often is an attempt to be noticed in some way. But what if we desire to be like Christ? Do you want to know Him and nothing else? Today’s message wraps up the Romans 12 series with a few different examples of how we can be like Christ.

Is there a limit to God's love? Of course we would say no to that question. But how often do we fail to really love others? It happens often. This text calls us to look to Jesus Christ and love in His power -- it is the only way we really can love!