When Jesus walked on Earth he demonstrated what life in the Kingdom of God is like by comparison to the Kingdom of this world. We see that evil and good exist alongside one another in this world until that day of harvest; when Christ gathers the real believers and separates them from the impostors.  Are you ready for harvest?


Everyone must come to the end of themselves in order to truly live. It takes some people longer than others to get to that place. This week's parable shows us the selfishness of sin and the unending love of God. God has not stopped loving you no matter what you have done.

The popular notion is that all worldviews are basically the same because people are generally trying to accomplish the same thing. The problem is the Bible teaches that there is one way to salvation and that is through Christ alone.  This week's parable is a warning for all of us to make sure we enter in through Christ before our time runs out.

We know that it isn't healthy for us to worry, but there are plenty of things to worry about. Thankfully Jesus had much to say about worry. For one, worry and faith are not compatible. That means what we really need is an increase of faith in order to worry less.