The church is under pressure to compromise. But of all the things that we might be willing to compromise with, the Gospel message is not one of them. We need to know and uphold His truth even when no one else is. Palm Sunday is a reminder of how quickly people turn when they try to find satisfaction in places other than God. I pray we stay faithful!


The unfortunate truth about life is that we will suffer. In fact, the Bible tells us that not only is suffering a part of life, it is under the careful watch of God Himself. How is it, then, that we can stay faithful to God when things are not going well? The Church in Smyrna suffered and they were going to suffer some more to come. But they were not suffering alone! And neither do we.

An effective church is a church that loves Jesus Christ first. That might seem obvious to you. Yet, so often what happens in churches is that over time the machinery of ministry keeps going, but the passion for Jesus cools. We must fight for our wandering heart! Have you lost your first love?

Life is a journey that has many twists, turns, and scary moments. You might look at your life and wonder how it could get sorted out. Thankfully God is able to take crooked lives and make them straight. He is able to meet you in your mess! Will you trust Him?