Church Leadership: Compassionate, Caring, and Committed to Christ




The leadership team

The Battle Lake Alliance Leadership Team consists of the Senior Pastor, the Elders, and three at-large members: Robb Emerson, Cassie Holo, and Mary Jorud.  The procedure for election of the members is found in the bylaws.

The Leadership Team is considered the Governance Authority for Battle Lake Alliance Church.   This team jointly oversees all areas of this local church.  They carry legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the members of the local church.  The Senior Pastor serves as Chair and an elder is elected as Vice Chairman each year.

The focus of the Leadership Team is administrative, making sure that finances are handled properly, communication is handled within to the various committees, calendar activities are approved, and decisions are made to stay on task.  Everyone has a vote and a voice on this team, and each is a valued member.

 Cassie Holo

Cassie Holo