Despite what is being said in the culture today, the Bible is still the authoritative Word of God. This is so important as we refocus our lives on Jesus Christ. What place does the Word have in your life?


Over the first few weeks of 2019, we are going to spend some time refocusing on Christ. Today we start by looking at our call to love. Love in our lives comes from a place of spiritual health. Maybe you feel kind of dry spiritually right now. Maybe you have never trusted in Jesus Christ. Start off the year right by looking away from selfishness and to Jesus Christ. He will change your life.

There is plenty of doom and gloom when it comes to the church these days. Churches are closing their doors and the influence of the church seems to be waning. Yet, Jesus Christ has said that He will build His Church! As we think about the year to come, let’s remember that Christ is building His Church and that the gates of hell will not prevail.

Christmas comes with so much joy and excitement. Of course many times that is interrupted with the reality we all have to face: things don't always go as planned. We have such a vision of Christmas in our minds, but that can easily be interrupted. What would happen if we truly grasped who Christ is for us? That’s the reality of Christmas that would give us joy no matter what!