There is nothing in the world like the Body of Christ, also known as the Church. The Church functions best when each person humbly does their part. The Lord is at work in the Church! What role do you play?


In almost every area of life we make a plan and follow it. So why is it that we can be so passive about our relationship with Jesus Christ? Shouldn't we be purposeful in all our life? Paul's warning in Romans 12 is that if we don't live with purpose, we will be marked by the world. But that is not how a follower of Jesus should live!

If you live with a view of God's mercy, your life will reflect that. Much of what this chapter of Romans tells us is that we need to be renewed in our passion for Jesus; but not in order to follow a bunch of rules, but rather to offer your life as a living sacrifice to God. What does that mean? Why does it matter?

Guest Speaker Rick Wallace, Envision Twin Cities.

The Church is called to be witnesses to the entire world.