The Bible gets criticized all the time as a book with stories that just could not be true. Rev. Paul Veit shares with us about three of the most common stories that are attacked with proof that they did in fact happen.


Jesus said that we are the light of the world, calling us to allow Him to shine through us to reach the world. This means going into the darkness in order to see the light overcome it. As a part of the greater Alliance family, we are a part of taking the Gospel to the most remote places of the world.  This will encourage and challenge us to surrender ourselves fully to God for His work right here and now!

It is possible to hear things about God and never truly hear them with your heart. Jesus spoke about this in a parable about a farmer sowing his seed in different types of soil. The question for us to consider is this: What type of soil is my heart?

Saying that you are a Christian and actually being a Christian are two different things. In the first message in the new series on the parables of Jesus, we are given a visual of a life built on Christ and a life that is not. Storms will come, so what foundation are you on?