So much of what the world knows as a Christian is based on outward reputation. But what would happen if people really knew, loved, and followed Jesus Christ? Encountering Jesus is much more exciting than any religious work! The church in Sardis was a church that was full of religion, but completely without the Spirit of God. This is a warning to us to avoid spiritual complacency in our own lives in order to keep walking in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Guest Speaker - Craig Strawser

There are pressures all around us to compromise on things. Yet, we are told to stand true to what we know so that we don't get caught in the destruction of the world. The next church in this series did not hold on to the truth and it proved costly. This message is a warning for us as individuals to not tolerate sin in our own lives.

The message of the empty tomb is more than just a story we share on Easter Sunday. This event changed everything for us. Yes, it tells us that death does impact all of us. But it also tells us that in Christ we have victory over death. You can live a new life! Do you want to?