The Old Testament is full of stories that stir our heart toward knowing God in a deeper way. Today's text gives us two stories that help us answer the question, "Where now is the Lord?" We find that He is present and working in our lives. We are desperate for the power of God!


God speaks to us in all kinds of life circumstances. Do we notice? Are we tuned in to hear from Him? So many people today have distorted what God actually said and have replaced it with agendas and ideas. But we need to hear from God! When God speaks, lives change. Are you listening?

The work of God requires committed followers of God. The Christian faith is not one of merely spectators, but rather of each one doing their part. What's your part? Are you being obedient to God?

There is a battle going on in every heart; the battle for control. The truth is that God is over everything, including you. So who is calling the shots in your life?