Have you felt a little weak or weary? It seems like life is filled with problems that want to make us weak. Is following Jesus Christ worth it? Yes! The only way we have any strength to face each day is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


There are plenty of sorrows in life, but it is God who brings comfort.

How often do you think about eternity? Does the way you handle the details of life have anything to do with it? Should it? The Psalmist writes about the problems we all face: evil and death. But he does so with great hope because God redeems. Do you need hope in this world full of hopelessness? God redeems. Focus on the eternal.

Since the beginning, people have thought they were able to figure things out on their own. The problem is that no matter what is pursued, the problems still remain: sin and death. The only solution is in the cross of Jesus Christ.