Partnering with Asia

Partnering with Asia

We had a great time hearing about the work being done at the Community Arts Center in Asia during our worship service on Sunday.  It is a reminder that we here in Battle Lake have a part to play in the mission of taking the Gospel to the farthest reaches of the globe.  We are part of the Alliance family worldwide.  

We also heard about a new center being opened up in a region where there are many unreached people groups; an exciting opportunity! 

How can you be involved?  

If you desire to support this project financially, you may do so directly online.  Go to where you can read about it and set up an online donation.  If you would rather send it through the mail, there are brochures with the information at the church. 

As the A.B. Simpson hymn we sang said: 

"Go and tell them, go and tell them, Jesus died for sinful men.  Go and tell them, go and tell them.  He is coming back again."