Camp Matters

Every year God meets kids at camp.  You take kids out of the usual setting and they respond to God's work.  It is exciting to hear all the decisions for Jesus that are made at camp each year.  Big Sandy Camp is our local Alliance Camp.  Many from our church have gone in the past to various retreats and have had their life impacted by it.  

This year's summer camp dates can be found by going to their website.  Yes, it does cost something to attend camp, but we want to help get you there.  Our men's group raises money all year to send as many kids as possible to Big Sandy Camp.  We will pay some, most, or all of your way with no strings attached.  You don't need to be a member of our church to go.  We will even help coordinate transportation for you.  Just let us know!  

Watch this video to see what God is up to at our Alliance Camps.  Then head over to and sign your child up.