Child-like Generosity

Hey dad, you rock! 

Hey dad, you rock! 

As Generous as a Child

Isn't it interesting how something that seems so insignificant to one person might mean something completely different to the next?  I  have a folder in my office filled with pictures and little notes that my kids have made for me for different occasions.  I have rocks on my shelf that have been decorated and wrapped up by my kids and given to me.  These things I cherish as important because they were given to me out of the generosity and love of a child.  

One day one of my children recently went to the grocery store in town and purchased a chocolate egg.  Why?  He did that because he saw that his mother was having a tough day.  He thought it might cheer her up.  He did that completely on his own.  There is something so sweet about living with a heart ready to give to others.  

I love how easily children give to other people because it is the very heart of God to us.  He has given us far more than we deserve, so why wouldn't we give out of that to others? Listen to this: 

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."  - Philippians 4:19

Don't Hesitate to Bless Others 

If the riches of His glory is the account that we are drawing from, is there ever a time that He will run out?  No way.  You cannot out give God.  Paul said his needs were more than met, amply supplied, paid in full.  And then he looks at them and says, God will provide for you also.  Now here is where it gets exciting! 

You can be a dispenser of that to others! God can use you to bless others, encourage others, pray for others, or maybe even provide for the needs of someone else.   You cannot out give God.   I know that because He was willing to put Jesus on the cross for you and me.  That is giving everything.  He gave up everything – His rights and Position, His very life, for you. 

I picked you some flowers

I picked you some flowers

Give Yourself to God First

But do not get the order wrong.  You must first, before anything else, give yourself to God.  You must first, before any other thing, before any act of service in the church – trust in Jesus Christ for you.  He loves you more than anything you can do for Him or others.  You are more important than anything you have to give!  

Look for Someone to Bless and Do It  

Is there someone you can bless today?  Is there someone in need of encouratgement?   Forget about the dollar amount and consider the intent.  

A dandelion in the field might just look like a weed to you, but if it is given in love, it is more meaninful than dozens of roses.