Purpose in Life's Disappointments

How much of your life has gone the way you have planned?  There are probably times when things have gone your way, but likely more times when things have not gone your way.  With that comes a myriad of  disappointments and unrealized dreams that can make it seem impossible to decipher significant purpose in life.  There has to be a better way to live life than to be a victim of circumstance, right? 

You can thrive in all circumstances!

You can thrive in all circumstances!

In the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, we  find a people living in a desperate place.  You might remember that Joseph was sold into slavery and eventually was put in charge of the preparation of food for the famine that was coming.  God had warned them so that they could be ready for the hard times.  Over the course of many years, Joseph’s family is reunited again and his father, Jacob (Israel) moves to Egypt to thrive in the midst of a famine. They are not just surviving, they are thriving!  Only God can do things like that!  He was moving them to a new land and providing them with all that they needed to grow in the worst of all famines.  Was that easy?  No.  Was it comfortable?  No.  Were the conditions perfect? No. Yet they walked into what God had for them and they thrived in this new land because they trusted God. 

“Now the Israelites settled in Egypt in the region of Goshen.  They acquired property there and were fruitful and increase greatly in number.”  Genesis 47:27

Your life might look a bit like a land ravaged by famine right now.  Do you see God's hand in it? What is God calling you to do in the midst of it?  Where is He leading you?  Are you willing to give up your perceived control in order to go to a new place where He will bless you?  If the Israelites had not gone to Egypt, they would not have seen the blessing that they did there.  The same is true for you. 

Do not simply turn inward in your disappointment because turning inward turns everyone else away.  Instead look for God’s hand in the midst of your famine.  You can thrive in all circumstances because that is what Christ has made possible for you. 

Make today a day that faith increases in you as your seek the Lord for purpose in your circumstance. 


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