Operation Christmas Child, My Obsession

Operation Christmas Child, My Obsession

 Lee Hemming

I have a confession to make. I have become obsessed with Operation Christmas Child. Don’t worry. It’s a good obsession! This has been going on now for about 2 months.

It started with a great sale on flannel fabric at Joann’s. I love to sew and if I can sew and create to bless someone else, this is my “sweet spot” for ministry. The flannel, I’ve used to make reusable sanitary kits for girls, age 10-14, so they don’t have to miss school. Then, I went on to make adorable skirts. As I sew, I pray for each girl. I pray God will give this skirt to the girl who loves red, the purple skirt to the girl who loves purple.  I pray for each item I find; that she will find love from the stuffed bear and joy seeing herself in the compact mirror.  Dear God, please bless each of these girls and draw them into a lifelong relationship with you.


I can hardly drive past a Dollar Tree without thinking, I must stop! Surely there is one more item these precious girls must have. Maybe I could add just one more headband. I test pack my shoeboxes and realize, no. The gift is complete. It is enough.

Yet, there is more; for this is not just a Christmas gift. This is a life changing opportunity for these four girls of mine. They will only receive one Operation Christmas Child shoebox in their lifetime, but they will learn about Jesus, probably for the first time. Their families will draw close to see, and hear and they, too will hear the Good News!

God knows their names. I will tuck a note in each box along with paper and envelope and pray my girls might write to me so I can know their names, too. I realize now, that I’ve come to love these four girls, because God has placed them deep in my heart.

Will you join me in my obsession with Operation Christmas Child?