The Danger of Drifting

In the next section of Hebrews 2, we encounter a warning to pay attention so that we don't drift away.  Drifting is easy.  Following Christ takes more vigilance. 

In Os Guiness’ book "Impossible People" he says:

“We too must become impossible people – Christians with hearts that can melt with compassion, but with faces like flint and backbones of steel who are unmanipulable, unbribable, undeterable, and unclubbable, without ever losing the gentleness, the mercy, the grace and the compassion of our Lord. We must have a rock solid allegiance to Jesus alone, above all and despite everyone and everything. “Jesus is Lord” is our allegiance, our confession, our authority and our standard rule of life. Whoever and whatever contradicts him summons us again to count the cost and to take our stand.  Christians today need to be broad-shouldered – made so by carrying the weight of the cross as we were commanded.”


Pay Attention to keep moving with the Lord!

Pay Attention to keep moving with the Lord!

It is very easy for us to not be opposed to Christ and yet not really be paying attention to the Gospel.  In fact, there are people all over the United States who would call themselves Christians with an awareness of the Gospel – Jesus died for my sins, but without ever actually bending their knee to Him as Savior.  This is why it is so dangerous because it is so subtle

So here’s a question for you to consider: 

Where are you seeing Christ?  Are you looking?  If you want to look to Christ, you need to be in the Word.  This is not legalistic, this is realistic. Do not walk through life complaining God is not talking to you while your Bible sits unused. 

If you pull away, or your Bible gets dusty, you will drift.  And drifting is perilous. 


This is an excerpt from a sermon preaching at Battle Lake Alliance Church on February 4, 2018.  To watch the entire sermon video, please check out our sermon page. 

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