Hearing From God

Is God’s Word rare?

“In those days, the word of the Lord was rare….”  1 Samuel 3:1

Os Guiness said:  “It is surely time for some Christians to tremble when we read and hear the casual twisting and discarding of Scripture by those who still claim to be faithful.”   He is right. We need to know what it actually says and align ourselves to it.

There are Bibles everywhere!

Thankful for His truth!

Thankful for His truth!

The average home has Bibles everywhere.  We have Bibles of all types, designs, and sizes. It has never been easier to have a Bible than it is today here in the United States. However, could we also say the Word of God is rare today? It has become more apparent to me that many people today do not know what the Scriptures teach Even in churches, with people who call themselves Christians, we are hearing a distortion of what the Bible teaches. At times it is even just made up completely. This is concerning because the answers that we are looking for to make Godly choices are available to us. So many just don’t know what it says.

 When we don’t know what it says, it leads to grave errors. Emotions, feelings, popular cultural trends start to take the place of the authority of God’s Word and His plans for our lives take second place to our own agendas.

When Jesus was asked by the Sadducees in Matthew 22 about a concern they had about marriage and what happens after death.  He says this:  “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God”  - Matthew 22:29.  Do you see the issue?  The error is twofold– you do not know the scripture and you do not know the power of God! We are taught by His Word and by the work of the Holy Spirit to illuminate that and apply it to our lives. The answer you seek can be found if you go to the right place!   

Where are you looking for answers? What are you letting direct your steps?

Need help? 

Do you need help reading the Bible?  Get one of the many free Bible apps out there and have it read the Bible to you! Find a way. Make time. Just make sure you don’t live your life without it. 


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