Creation Discovery Weekend Recap

Paul with Dinosaur tracks.

Paul with Dinosaur tracks.

Creation Discovery Weekend was filled with helpful information for all of us.  Rev. Paul Veit, of Declare God’s Wonders, shared with us in three sessions: The True History of Dinosaurs, Evolution vs. Creation, and Prove the Bible. 

Resources for further study.

 Check out the Institute for Creation Research or Answers in Genesis for helpful resources to answer the creation questions you might have.    There is also the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum if you are interested in taking a family trip. 

He mentioned a book to help you with conversations with your kids.  "Guide to Creation Basics" 

Did you miss one of the sessions?  Both of the Sunday morning sessions can be found on our YouTube channel and linked here below.  

Curious about the Word of God?  Check out our sermons page.